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Enterprise Solutions for the Public Sector

Simply Reliable
For 2
9 years VIA has provided 24x7x365 service and support. VIA's average on-site response time: less than one hour thirty minutes. VIA's average customer hold time: less than twenty seconds. VIA's average callback time for out-of-hours technical assistance: less than five minutes. What's that mean to you? When you need help, help is available at any time.

Simply Affordable
VIA has always provided services at a rate much lower than any of our competitors.  VIA also provides special financing options to communities and companies alike.  Leasing options and payment schedules are available to those who qualify.

Simply Part of the Community
VIA may provide remote services, but we are part of your community. VIA works hard to serve not only you and your company we work to serve your community.  We work through local chambers of commerce to get more involved in communities.  VIA provides sponsorships to local youth and charitable organizations.  We provide services to not-for-profit organizations at discounts up to 40% and are proud to sponsor events for the Special Olympics. VIA is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Annual Johnson County Sheriff's Charity Ride, in Franklin Indiana.

Simply a Partnership
We can't do it alone, and neither can you.  Through our partnerships VIA provides innovative technologies that meet the needs of today's small and midsized companies.  By partnering with VIA you get access to great discounts on great products.

Simply Solutions
VIA provides the solutions you need - period.  We don't up-sell.  We provide what you need, when you need it. We will help you prepare for the future with capacity planning, and disaster planning.  But we will not recommend any service, or any product that you don't and won't need. You've seen it happen - or it's happened to you. With VIA it won't. Solutions • Simply™: it's more than a slogan -it's the way we do it, simply.

Solutions • Simply™

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