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About VIA

We provide the solutions you need along with 24/7/365 service and support.

Support when you need it

For more than 30 years, VIA has provided 24/7/365 service and support.

  • Our average on-site response time: less than one hour thirty minutes.
  • Our average client hold time: less than twenty seconds.
  • Our average callback time for out-of-hours technical assistance: less than 30 minutes.
  • What’s that mean to you? When you need help someone is available any time.

Save resources

Since 1985, VIA has been “serving those who serve.” We planted our roots in the Public Sector and have recently expanded our services to assist those in the Private Sector as well. Although we work with organizations both big and small, we understand the many financial challenges that you may face every day. We also understand, across all areas of service, your organization is expected to be on the cutting edge of technology, while also tightening your budget. That’s why since our inception, VIA has always provided services at a rate much lower than any of our competitors. We also are able to provide special financing options to communities and companies alike. Leasing options and payment schedules are available to those who qualify.

Our Values

  • Trust is earned.
  • We do the right thing for the right reasons.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We give respect to those who put their trust in us.
  • We put our customers’ needs before our company’s profits.
  • We believe in our products and our solutions.
  • We are more successful together.
  • We believe in diversity.
  • Ideas become solutions.
  • Investing in our employee’s growth is an investment in our company.

Thumbs Up

You Can’t Put a Price on Trust

You can buy hardware from almost anyone. So, why are so many of our valued clients also repeat customers? It’s not about the price. You can buy hardware from online vendors for less, we readily admit that. But, with those online vendors do you really know what you are getting? The market is flooded with counterfeit hardware.

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Safe Email

Spoofing, Spamming and Phishing

Email spoofing is when the header (or the “FROM” line) of an email is changed to look like it came from somewhere other than the actual source for the purpose of spreading SPAM and data phishing. This is an illegal tactic used to coerce recipients into opening illegitimate email.

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Email Compliance Whitepaper

As a government institution the City of Lebanon is required by law to preserve all emails for legal and regulatory compliance reasons. Mike Collingsworth, MIS Director, handles all computers, data infrastructures, and telephones in the city. Finding the time to maintain the exchange server and create new policies pertaining to each user is a tedious task for Collingsworth.

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Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Brett Edstene


    About Brett Edstene

    “I began working for VIA in 1997 after attending Ball State University in Muncie, IN. Throughout my career at VIA, I have provided PC, Network and Database support to agencies and municipalities throughout the Midwest. As President of VIA, I focus on developing a staff of talented and dedicated engineers and technicians who not only respond to our client’s needs, but also truly care about our client’s success. While at VIA or on location with clients, I can be found behind more than a few workstations performing different tasks for project management and client consultation. When I am not bouncing from one computer workstation to the next, I am spending time with my amazing five year old daughter (who takes up most of my free time).”

  • Testimonial

    Danny Rodenburg

    Senior RMS Administrator

    About Danny Rodenburg

    In 2001, Danny Rodenburg retired from Western Electric/AT&T/Lucent Technologies with 32 years of service, including maintaining Sun hardware. After a two-year hiatus, Danny began working with VIA. His experience in telecom made the integration into IT Managed Services with VIA a perfect match. Since 2003, Danny has earned many certifications. A few of them include: Spillman® Support Administrator, Technician for Sentryx Jail, Dispatcher certification, and Unix (OS) certification.  According to Danny, “I am able to do a little bit of everything. But, mostly I have worked as a first-level contact for VIA’s Spillman customers.”

  • Testimonial

    Crissy Hanes

    Operations Manager

    About Crissy Hanes

    “I began working for VIA in 2015 after taking a few years off to raise my two children. Previously, I worked for more than seven years for Apple Computer in Chicago, providing solutions to the Higher Education market. Throughout my career, I have always focused on providing great customer service for both internal and external customers. As the Operations Manager for VIA, I wear many hats including: human resources, vendor and partner management, purchasing, sales, customer contracts and communications. Each day at VIA brings new challenges and opportunities to serve our customers. I enjoy working with our team bringing IT support to agencies who are focused on serving and protecting the public.”

  • Testimonial

    Alan Herzig

    Windows Engineer

    About Alan Herzig

    “As the newest member of VIA, I am the “go-to expert” for Microsoft Windows servers and OS issues. Previously, I worked in the public education sector, assisting teachers and students as they transitioned into the “one-to-one environment”. I have experience with customer relations, as it deals with technology, for AT&T and Duke Energy. At VIA, I enjoy providing excellent customer service in the creative and energetic atmosphere that the VIA team provides.”

  • Testimonial

    Justin Carlton

    Network Engineer

    About Justin Carlton

    Justin spent 6 years in the Air Force working on telecommunications, eventually obtaining his AAS in Networking. His post-military experience includes I.T., telecommunications and networking for large correctional facilities. While still working full-time, Justin obtained his BAS (with Honors) in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Justin brings with him vast tech experience and a hard-working tenacity for “finding a win-win situation for everyone involved.” This commitment to customer service and a detail-oriented tech savvy makes him not only a great tech to have in your corner, but also a powerful addition to the VIA team.

    In his free time, Justin enjoys hunting, photography, “anything with wheels” and playing golf.

  • Testimonial

    Jeni Coffey

    Marketing/Design Consultant

    About Jeni Coffey

    Jeni has been working with VIA as a Marketing and Design Consultant since 2013. She holds a degree in Web Management, attended Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH for Visual Communications, and Indiana University in Bloomington for Gender Studies. Her professional experience has been in the areas of leadership,  graphic and web design, marketing, and publishing. Some of Jeni’s career accomplishments include: Winning two American Advertising Federation’s “Addy Awards” for email designs; Proofreading and formatting a book publication for MIT Press, “Atlas of Science” (Börner, 2009); Creating data visualizations for display at the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Agriculture, University of Florida, Cornell University, Ponce School of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, Washington University of St. Louis, The Scripps Research Institute and Indiana University; and published data visualizations in Science (2010) and submitted for publication in Nature. Jeni brings her plethora of experiences to VIA with an eye towards expanding our outreach, client-base, and increasing our visibility and image.


Read what a few of our valued customers have to say.

  • Jay Harris, Randolph County Sheriff (2003-2010), Randolph County Council, Randolph County, IN

    I have worked with VIA since 1997.  VIA is a VERY good business to work with.  They are always on call when needed and when I have a problem they take care of it immediately without question.  The staff is VERY friendly and are VERY knowledgeable.  You can not ask for a nicer and dependable business than VIA.

    Jay Harris, Randolph County Sheriff (2003-2010) Randolph County Council Randolph County, IN

  • Sabrina Harms, Dispatch Director, Posey County, IN

    Working with VIA is like working with family; you’re not just a number, you are someone ... They go above and beyond.

    Sabrina Harms, Dispatch Director Posey County, Indiana

  • Chief John Borges , Franklin Police Department, Franklin, Indiana

    We have worked with VIA since the early 90's.  They have always gone above and beyond when it comes to meeting our needs.  When things go wrong they have always worked with us to make things right. When we need solutions, they come up with options. Other companies come and go, but VIA has always been there for us.

    Chief John Borges Franklin Police Department Franklin, Indiana

  • Jay Jackson, Systems Admin., Emergency Services of Henry County, New Castle, Indiana

    We've been with VIA since 1988! We've been partnered with VIA longer than most I.T. companies have been in business. For almost twenty years there has been one company we call when we need parts or solutions or help of any kind, and that is VIA. Reliability is more than being there when you call, it's being there when you call next year, and for the next ten years.

    Jay Jackson, Systems Administrator Emergency Services of Henry County New Castle, Indiana

  • Ret. Chief Frans Hollanders, Martinsville Police Dept. Martinsville, Indiana

    When we need a server, we call VIA. When we need PCs we call VIA. When we need printers, we call VIA. When we need networking, we call VIA. When we get hit by lightning, we call VIA. If I'm out of town and there's a problem, I tell my staff to call VIA. There is a definite trend here. VIA is the company that you call. We've been with VIA since 1989, they've always been there, and they've always delivered.

    Ret. Chief Frans Hollanders Martinsville Police Department Martinsville, Indiana

What we do is more than consulting, more than integrating, more than managing. We do exactly what needs to be done.

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